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You never know when water damage could strike your home or business. All it takes is a pipe leak, a backed up sink or toilet, a leaky water appliance, or an ice dam on the roof. Regardless of the cause, you need structural drying to help get your home or business routine back to normal with minimal time and money put into the restoration process.

What is Structural Drying?

In the past, water damage meant removing and disposing of belongings. It meant tearing out carpet and padding and removing sections of the wall to pinpoint moisture pockets and structural damage. The process was time consuming, expensive, and did little to prevent subsequent damage and harmful mold growth.

The Four Principles of Structural Drying

Structural drying is a better solution. Instead of merely letting things dry on their own, this process employs certain principles to dry a structure quickly and effectively. These principles include:
• Actively extracting water with special tools
• Evaporating moisture with air movers
• Dehumidifying the air to prevent secondary damage from occurring
• Maintaining the ideal temperature for evaporation and dehumidification

In a nutshell, structural drying is a forward-thinking approach and solution to water damage that quickly and efficiently restores your property to its original state.

What are the Benefits of Structural Drying?

Why is it so important to respond as quickly as possible to water damage in your home or business? Consider the following benefits of structural drying:
• Saves time: As a home or business owner, there’s nothing more valuable than getting over a disaster quickly and resuming life as usual. Most structures can be completely dried out within three to four days with the proper equipment and processes.
• Saves money: It’s important to get your home or business up and running again without spending a lot of money on the restoration process. Pinnacle Restoration professionals are trained in drying techniques and have learned how water exposure negatively impacts various materials. That means, after a quick situation briefing, they have a clear understanding of what the job will entail and can apply efficient practices from the start to ensure savings. Structural drying can even reduce your insurance claims, which may keep your premiums from rising despite the disaster.
• Creates a healthier, safer environment: Fast drying prevents lingering moisture from causing mold growth, which deteriorates air quality and causes health problems.
• Minimizes replacement costs: The faster you act, the less likely you will have to replace expensive structural components.
• Reduces stress: A problem that is quickly remedied is one that produces less stress.
• Focuses on complete structural drying: Too many solutions focus only on drying the carpet and the carpet padding. Structural drying takes every building element into account to ensure drying the carpet doesn’t lead to excess moisture in other locations due to poor dehumidification.

The Technology Behind Structural Drying

Structural drying incorporates new technologies that aggressively and thoroughly mitigate water damage situations. These technologies include:
• Approved standards regarding the amount of drying equipment needed
• Scientifically proven methods based on psychrometrics (the science of drying)
• Techniques that eliminate the need for biocide in clean water damage situations
• Humidity charts and moisture mapping to establish that the structure is truly and thoroughly dry
• Digital pictures that show the structure before and after water mitigation
• Documentation that shows structural materials have been restored to their original condition
• Techniques that allow for less manipulation of contents

To learn more about structural drying, or to schedule an appointment to utilize the service for your home or business, please contact Pinnacle Restoration today.




Why should I call a water restoration company?

A professional water damage restoration company has trained technicians, specialized cleaners and antimicrobial agents, and extraction, drying, dehumidifying and moisture measuring equipment.

There are some people who believe they can handle the dryout process themselves to save money.  However, they may actually end up spending more in the end. The technology and methodology that we use to dry your structure work much faster and more thoroughly than the average do-it-yourself methods that use a wet/dry vac. A couple of other things to keep in mind if you decide to proceed with the work yourself:

  • Depending on the category of water, potentially harmful contaminants and pathogens may be present. Our technicians wear personal protective equipment to keep themselves safe while working.
  • If you don’t get the affected area back to its dry standard quickly, mold can develop in as little as 72 hrs. It is difficult to determine the moisture content in a material without the proper meters – your hand is a very bad gauge of moisture because the human body consists of over 60% water already. Just because a surface feels dry to your hand doesn’t mean it is at its dry standard, or dry enough to prevent mold growth from occuring.

In the end you will save time, money, and property by calling us as soon as possible.


A professional pre inspection of all affected areas

Imploy special techniques for proper water extraction

Detailed analysis using specialized equipment

Prompt removal of affected water damaged materials

provide a thorough clean up and apply an anti bacterial agent, if requested

prepare property for the restoration process


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